Trivedi Psychological Services



Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments (testing/evaluations)-involve administration, scoring and interpretation of various instruments (e.g. tests, inventories, rating scales, checklists).

Below are just some reasons/referral questions for seeking assessments:
-Identification of learning difficulty
-Early childhood developmental level.
-Seeking more understanding of one's personality traits.
-Intelligence level, also know as IQ.
-Is my child on grade level?
-Treatment recommendations.
-How can I enhance my child's academics or increase college readiness/admission preparation?
-Identification and assessment of severity of mood (depression, bipolar/mania-depression), anxiety and thought disorders.
-Identification of behavioral (opposition/defiance/conduct) problems.
-intellectual disabilities (previously more commonly known as mental retardation).

Assessments generally occur  over mutliple sessions due to the length of the instruments.  Attention  is given  to every aspect  of the instruments in order to ensure the highest level of reliability and validity.

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